Business excellence is based on a relationship of trust between us and our business partners. Our production and business system has been adapted to meet ISO 9001/2015 requirements, which attests to the quality of our products and services we provide to our customers.

Quality assurance

Our laboratory ensures that the products coming out of production meet the high standards of quality. Our guiding principles for business excellence are customer satisfaction, which is why product quality is our top priority, and mutual trust between us and our business partners.

We are one of the few small companies in Slovenia equipped with a modern balancing machine for fans, water pump impellers, and other rotating parts. The latter ensures that sufficient control is maintained in the manufacture of products for large domestic appliances and electric motor components.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Our aim is to increase customer trust by:

  • Keeping the response time as short as possible
  • Flexible services
  • Meeting the agreed deadlines
  • Increasing productivity
  • Finding optimal solutions in product manufacturing and tool design
  • Continuous monitoring of production processes
  • Upgrading machinery and measuring equipment
  • Training our employees
  • A state-of-the-art laboratory

Business principles

Customer and employee satisfaction is our top priority – we strive to grow our company through strategic partnerships with our customers by systematically ensuring product quality and employee safety and identifying and systematically eliminating or reducing risks. We take pride in being original, innovative and reliable.


Management policy is seen as a dynamic process, which is why it is continuously reviewed, improved and adapted to the ever changing needs of the market.

With the aim of spreading the best practices throughout the company, our employees are trained to work well in teams, actively strive for and contribute to continuous improvement of all processes and care for the environment.

To implement our business principles, we carry out standard processes such as managing projects through a development process, recording improvements and informing employees about the implemented improvements, managing environmental issues, managing materials for reuse or sale.

We annually assess the effectiveness of standard processes, as well as the options of setting up new processes, and any possible policy alterations.

ISO 14001
ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

Another one of our top priorities is protecting the environment and ensuring the health and well-being of our employees, as well as  building fair and environmentally-friendly relationships with our partners and suppliers, while respecting our employees and the local community.

We strive to build a good corporate reputation, which is why we operate in compliance with the legislation, environmental requirements and international directives nd undertake to meet all applicable requirements. With our environmental goals in mind, we consistently monitor and comply with all applicable laws and regulations, annually review their effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

HIPLEX d.o.o. is committed to the highest standards of environmental protection through the implementation of an environment management system. Environmental protection is the cornerstone of sustainable development, the foundation for a pleasant working environment and a harmonious relationship with neighbors and the surroundings, which is why

the company’s management and all employees are committed to continue to take all necessary measures to minimize the impact on the environment, reduce waste and, above all, ensure the efficient use of water, energy, raw materials and other resources.

Continuous education, training and raising awareness of our employees are key to increase the positive impact on the environment and reducing risks, thus preventing pollution as much as possible.

The reuse of energy and material resources are the main focus of the reuse policy.

With quality as our guiding principle, we are trusted by many business partners.

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