Plastic injection moulding [Services and product range]

The production along with the product range have been continuously expanding over the years, and can today be broadly divided into the following segments:

  • Fans
  • Electrical industry
  • Ventilation and cooling
  • Furniture industry
  • Medical equipment and large domestic appliances
  • Painting and printing on plastic
  • Household appliances
Electrical industry
Bela tehnika
Large domestic appliances

A broad product range requires making continuous investments in development and high-tech equipment. To achieve an efficient and reliable production, we currently operate 25 modern injection molding machines upgraded with robots and conveyor belts for product handling. We use all types of materials in the process of plastic injection molding. Our range also includes products with inserted metal parts.

Pohištvena industrija
Furniture industry
Medicinska oprema
Medical equipment
Ventilacija in hlajenje
Ventilation and cooling

We ensure high production quality that meets the requirements and guidelines according to the ISO 9001/2015 standard. For control purposes and to ensure product quality, we are equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory. Our company boasts modern balancing machines for fans, water pump impellers, and other rotating parts.

Plastični izdelki s kovinskimi inserti
Plastic products with metal inserts
Major applications

In our company we also mould parts that are ready for metal plating /galvanisation using different metals.

Part before and after galvanisation

Our highly skilled employees represent the heart of our business, which is why training and providing a safe work environment for our employees are our top priority. We constantly strive to improve working conditions and provide top-notch equipment in the workplace.

Proizvodnja izdelkov iz plastičnih mas
Over the years, our product range has been continuously expanded and developed

Manufacture of plastic injection moulding tools

The plastic injection moulding business provides affordable and fast solutions for manufacturing products and tools. In addition to our core business, we now also provide the services of designing and manufacturing injection moulding tools.

We can manufacture the tools ourselves or in collaboration with other manufacturers according to designs provided by you or design the tools to fit your needs. When designing a tool, we always consider customer requirements, specific product features, properties of the chosen plastic and the experience gained while working on similar projects.

All of this is possible thanks to our work organization, our own CAD/CAM software and the range of machines employed in production (WEDM, EDM, milling centers, grinding …). The company offers full support in manufacturing complex injection moulding tools.

Izdelava orodij za brizganje plastičnih mas - orodjarna Hiplex
Manufacture of plastic injection moulding tools

In addition to designing and manufacturing the tools, the process also includes support in the form of preliminary consultation and coordination in order to design the most optimal tool for each customer based on the identified product requirements. We manage the whole production ourselves (tool production, construction and customer support).

A quote for the production of plastic injection moulding tools can be made according to your own design, the product to be produced on the tool or according to our consultations.

Other services provided by HIPLEX d.o.o.

In addition to the primary activity – plastic injection moulding and tool making, we offer several other services.


HIPLEX d.o.o. also carries out the installation of semi-finished parts of some products,  which is done manually. This way, the time between injection moulding cycles is optimally utilized and the installation can be carried out independently from the injection process.

Plastic printing

Together with a contracting partner, we carry out various printing processes.
We print on metal, plastic, PVC,..

Electroplating plastic

Some products in our range are first injection moulded and later, in cooperation with external partners, undergo electroplating (with chrome or nickel).