The plastic injection moulding business provides affordable and fast solutions for manufacturing products and tools. In addition to our core business, we now also provide the services of designing and manufacturing injection moulding tools.

We can manufacture the tools ourselves or in collaboration with other manufacturers according to designs provided by you or design the tools to fit your needs. When designing a tool, we always consider customer requirements, specific product features, properties of the chosen plastic and the experience gained while working on similar projects.

All of this is possible thanks to our work organization, our own CAD/CAM software and the range of machines employed in production (WEDM, EDM, milling centers, grinding …). The company offers full support in manufacturing complex injection moulding tools.

Izdelava orodij za brizganje plastičnih mas - orodjarna Hiplex
Manufacture of plastic injection moulding tools

In addition to designing and manufacturing the tools, the process also includes support in the form of preliminary consultation and coordination in order to design the most optimal tool for each customer based on the identified product requirements. We manage the whole production ourselves (tool production, construction and customer support).

A quote for the production of plastic injection moulding tools can be made according to your own design, the product to be produced on the tool or according to our consultations.